How To Be Safe While Traveling Single

If you want to meet new people, experience the world, increase your awareness, experience personal growth, lower your blood pressure or just relax. TRAVEL!

You can try an all-inclusive resort that will give you the safety of communal living, yet flexible enough to provide you with a detailed experience of your chosen destination. You can increase your experience by signing up for tours offered by your resort. These mega resorts offer tours for shopping, sightseeing, night life, educational and adventure.

If you would rather travel to 2, 3 or more cities, then a cruise may be your best choice. There are classy singles cruises, meaning they won’t make you feel like you are on the prowl!

Safety is a serious issue and should not be taken lightly. Listed below are 15 tips to increase your safety factor while traveling alone:

1. When you check into your hotel, give your Bellman a $5.00 to $10.00 tip. Tell him your name and ask him a question about your stay at the resort, Keep this conversation, brief and professional

2. Use the Hotel safe for money, your travel documents and jewelry. If you use your room safe, be sure you know how to operate the safe properly.

3. Always try to originate your cab ride from your hotel. When away from your hotel try to avoid asking strangers for directions. If you get lost or need help, go to the nearest Hotel (the larger the better) and ask for help at the Front desk!

4. Select your ‘return trip cab’ with caution and always be aware of your surroundings.

5. Invest in a body purse or use a money belt.

6. Do not flash cash, foreign or domestic. If you are not sure of the money exchange, it is OK to leave a little extra money on the table.

7. When meeting people during your travel, do not give out your hotel room number. Meet people in the lobby or have the Hotel operator connect them to your room.

8. If you decide to go out with a suitor that you meet while traveling, have him/her pick you up at your Hotel. Find your Bellman, and casually mention that you are going out with one of the locals and ask a question about where to go? (The Hotel does not want anything to happen to you, because then who would pay the bill?)

9. ALWAYS remember to BE SAFE in personal or romantic encounters. Try not to meet in secluded places. Keep your cell phone with you and know how to make calls from a foreign country.

11. Remember, if you are an American, you could be a target! Don’t be rushed into a marriage proposal or agree to take a car ride with anyone you don’t know personally.

12. Don’t give our your home address or home phone number because, you would not want this information forwarded to a professional thief while you are away on vacation.

13. Try not to break anyone’s heart.

14. If you get into trouble, contact the nearest US Embassy.

15. Leave a detailed itinerary with a friend or relative at home. Check in with this family member or friend often during your vacation.

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